A Beckoning Towards a New Health Perspective:

As Well as Other Phenomenon Clustered About:

Tinnitus, Therapy, NDE, Meditation, Intuitive Perception,

Curiosity, and the Nature of Meaning and Value.


The purpose of this paper is to explore a selection of resources (written, auditory, visual), which contain a mixture of objective facts and conjectural opinions, which together will attempt to describe and explain, however incompletely, a model of consciousness, intuitive awareness, and knowledge accretion. A broad collection of theories, methods of exploration and research, and their accompanying phenomenon are covered within the context of these written and perceptual reports. I will utilize a multi-modal sensation format to explore, and illustrate this conundrum.

The population of researchers, and interested explorers, includes but is not limited to those attempting to create intuitive recognition of these three percepts: visual (Arnheim, West, Antonsen), auditory (Frosch, Singh, Greyson, Bentov) and psychomotor phenomenon (Csikszentmihalyi, Bergland). Together, these may be described as; more than ordinary. As a baseline, this will support the notion, that new horizons seen, heard, and/or felt, are based on a continuum of a dualistic model of external and internal awareness. This continuum joins the two sides of the polarity into a progressive structure of perceptual experience, both externally and internally generated states of awareness; and associated memory products or phenomenon, and information retention. The above references will be touched on in the body of the incomplete review later. For the introduction, I am listing Frosch and his exploration of the Taos Hum, in the link below as a start. cf. link:

Taos Hum

These references, and others, have been selected and picked as representatives  of the aspects of visual, auditory and psychomotor (VAK) systems, within the field of perceptual awareness and processing. This is well identified by the theory of neurolinguistic processing (NLP). Groupings of persons who may be attending to these experiences are also found in the many disciplines and activities that foster observation, attention, awareness, and subsequent activation and/or cessation of the visual, auditory and/or motor complex activities.

This fostering process, is accomplished through a variety of systematized observational, memory and communication methods which surround this profundity. It is experienced during the acquisition, retention, codification, education and transmission of information/modeling; for the purpose of meaning and value formation. A concise attempt to draw attention to this process to build understanding, as it moves from initially closed, to more openly shared communication structures, is presented below, to start this exploration. cf. Antonsen: TED talk:

Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world

Particularly of interest in this paper, “Heh,,,, ‘Hey, What’s that Sound’?”, are segments of the broadly defined disciplines of Medical, Affective, Aesthetic/Intuitional, Philosophical, and Meditational Exploration. It is maintained that, with, or at times without conscious efforts, and/or formal study in these areas of interest, there exists a process that elicits, elucidates, and develops a sequentially intuitive phenomenological experience of knowledge acquisition and structural awareness. This is an internal and personally driven reality and meaning search. It is a seeking of meaningful order and reason for being, that is mirrored, or paralleled by the more formal and specialized scientific explorations of sub-atomic, biological and cosmological systems. Herein, the case is made for all persons who have curiosity, to realize that they can ask, and perhaps answer well, fundamental questions of “what is existence” and “who am I”, while living in  “whatever world this is”.

This premise leads back to an old translation of the “The Emerald Tablet” and a copy of the hand written note, by Isaac Newton, made during his exploration of alchemical writings available to him at the time of his expansive research; into chemistry, physics, optics, theology and all manners of then written resources. cf. 2  links below for this translation, and the hand written notation:

Translation and transcription of the Tabula Smaragdina of ‘Hermes Trismegistus’, with notes (early 1680s-1690s). (Normalized Version) [Normalized Text (at Chymistry of Isaac Newton)]

“Tis true without lying, certain & most true. That which is below is like that which is above & that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing
And as all things have been & arose from one by the mediation of one: so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation.”

This premise is one that leads to the notion that an individual gains awareness by pursuit of questions and insight, that is attainable by careful, dedicated, and earnest exploration. This search is best accomplished by starting from observation of the outside world, and progressing to understanding, by growing one’s own personal awareness, or “inner” subjective world; one of intuitive richness drawn out of measured and valued perceptions of phenomenon.

The allowing factor in this search, is centered around the identification and modification, of a prominent bias of our time; that only experts and highly specialized researchers can know the basic truths of existence. While experts can show the way to knowledge; awareness is a personally apprehended characteristic, a functional aptitude of each person; and meaning, and understanding consists of a personal and ever-evolving search for this meaning and context. To wit, personal meaning and being can evolve into universal meaning and being.

Further, that this prominent bias (to listen, learn from certain, limited and defined groupings of experts, or like-minded collectives) mentioned above, is but one example in the realm and agenda of bias itself. This larger domain, Bias, is an immense topic (Haidt). This attitude of “frozen” awareness, inhibits further search and curiosity by a pervasive systemic back pressure that can limit individual progress in problem solving. In addition, societal advancement for any number of decisions, planning processes, and action agendas, is inhibited by bias that is unreasonable and/or uncontested,  especially when this is encountered within appropriate and cooperative efforts at dialogue and research-sharing (Panksepp).

It will be suggested that older religious writings (Christian, Gnostic, Hindu, Sikh, Islamic, et al.), and/or metaphysical speculations (Greek, Buddhist, et al.) which have attempted to describe and define consciousness, can be profitably revisited in light of present day studies of brain activity. Several works are noteworthy in this regard. cf. (Kevin R. Nelson, M.D, “The Spiritual Doorway in the Brain”; E. F. Kelly, E. W. Kelly, et al.,”Irreducible Mind”; R. Douglas Fields, “The Other Brain”; Jaak Panksepp, Foreword to: “Encyclopedia of Behavioral Neuroscience”). Understanding, via research exploration in these new avenues of scientific inquiry and research, may help to provide a modern day translation, or partial de-ciphering of what has been previously described within the above referenced, historically significant religious and metaphysical treatises (Panksepp).

There are many current researchers, who are actively attempting to understand previous traditions and belief structures, for what they offer in the way of understanding and consciousness building for their own audience (Gold, Kason, Krishna, Juergensmeyer, Deck, and P. Hadot, [as translated by M. Chase]).

Within my effort to review, however incompletely this literature; I will make a tentative synthesis of  the numerous and varied drifts of inquiry opened up by these researchers. This, I hope, will attempt to explore briefly, a supposition that an individual can recognize a phenomenological pathway, in their own experience, that leads to startling groupings of awareness. One of these realizations is profoundly simple. Each individual can, if they choose, go through the struggle to identify, learn and change, if they wish: any binding bias.

This pathway is one that can be imagined as the “axis mundi”. It can be traveled along/amidst; as on a maypole, or a caduceus form. This form consists of light and sound. This lure to exploration, beckons and whispers: to some intrusively; to all, at times loudly, brightly, and insistently. This pathway is a path of importance. Curiosity is its handmaiden. Healing may be its function and accomplishment.


First, the premise is offered that ancient or past religious and metaphysical “truths”, and modern attempts to build “consciousness” are aligned and interactively self-referencing, and contiguous within the present time.

Second, that even with an incomplete recognition of this alignment; the first premise will con-temporize the two avenues of (1) past documents and historical systems, and (2) present day theoretical research, with its concomitant present day exploratory attempts to verify this validity; and to allow the two to procreate. Further, this inseminating, fertilizing process, can and best comes to pass through respectful and cooperative and thoughtful questioning/challenging dialogue.

Third, by this process of approaching the bias-based agenda, or the exclusive attitude which separates groups and/or disciplines; a new synthesis will emerge. Through dialogue and careful looking, listening and examining  the dynamic of this creative synthesis, some will recognize a more complete, and more effective life experience (Panksepp). This premise, is expressed in a long line of philosophic thought, which has  historically emerged from the writings of Plotinus; after Plato, and others in cultures from across our geography and time.

A contemporary version of one myth of power is expressed in a small, popular metaphorical slogan, from the movie story-line “The Highlander”. Its primal insistence is, that in the end, “There Can BE Only ‘ONE’ ”. This notion is expressed more broadly, in the ancient myth of “The Churning of the Milky Way”. That myth is an important story of the struggle of good and evil, and the treachery of combatants and their allies, in efforts to attain reward, dominance or participation in a cycle of life.  Recently, an addition to this motif has arrived via Netflix in the story-line entitled; “The OA”. This film motif, explores the use of Near Death Experience (NDE) research, in a particularly disturbing and victimizing scientific format, as seen in the development of its story-line.

These story-lines (entertaining, fascinating and descriptive as they are to some) are alluring examples of prominent world views. They are concretized in abusive, violent and destructive scenarios. All three depict the archetype of conflict to wrest and obtain control. This archetype has a meta-message, in each story-line:

 “I survive, and keep my head; only when you lose your head”, and “We will prevail against the foe, with the assistance of the gods and goddesses”. Finally,  “If I study your pain of near-death, I will uncover secrets of existence, and become famous, and powerful”.

This limited, relative, and recurrently accepted archetype of power, contains a profound bias of abuse, control, destruction and pain.

There is another archetype that speaks to this imbalance, the Redemption or Journey of the Hero (Campbell). In the field of counseling psychology, the counter-action to the negative energy field of violence, abuse, and control, has evolved in our time into the modern theory of  the “Power and Control Wheel” (The Duluth Model). It has become a cognitive-behavioral, affective psycho-educational treatment agenda, urging the movement of individuals, groups, and communities towards health, at best; containment, at least.

This antidote, treatment or containment effort is presented on the personal level, and on the community level. Initially this treatment was prescribed mostly for adjudicated populations. Eventually, this format has been presented to those who wish to accept a positive changing of their own bias; and it is a process of re-education, away from violence, power and control of the past. In fact, all can learn from this treatment format. cf.:

The Duluth Model – Wheel Gallery

Power and Control Wheel: On Technology and Abuse | Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center

The Redemption, or Hero’s Journey is in this way conjoined with the Healer Archetype. This model is alluded to, or is contained in the theory of reincarnation of Vedic times, or more specifically in ancient Egyptian times, as in the Osiris Myth. In this personified struggle, there are victims, supposed victors, and consequences; for all involved directly and on the periphery. This is an endless cycle. It is a cycle bound in time. This cycle in our world is physically acted-out, by persons in their actions towards others and the resultant effects on others and themselves..

Some might say, biased as they are towards this prominent aspect of conflict, that it is merely an expression of the survival of the fittest motif.  Understood through the Duluth Model, this motif and attitude can be re-presented as a denial and a rationalizing defense mechanism in action. This attitude of denial is a self-referential confirmation and defense; a confirmation bias of danger to us all, in so many ways.

Projected out into the world at large, this conflict motif has been seen and expressed as personified dieties or celestial beings in mythological struggles. And, as personal introjects and motivations; projected from inside individuals, out to the environment, and all of us who are here in the world. (Gold, Jung)

The ‘ONE’, is beyond the attributes of this mythological trinity of creation, maintenance, and destruction. To achieve, even in a small way, this awareness, understanding, or experience; a person may begin to apprehend a new position or place, beyond attributes discussed above. This, in a place or space of being within a different understanding of time and its encountered experiences. This is a location, if you will, where energy forms and frequencies are encountered in deeper realms of mental brain activity, reorganization, and potential personal redemption (Mukhopadhyay).

It starts the experience of a new place, of different time, and then, an embodiment of this holistic understanding in this world, in-place.

To wit, it is the culmination of the better parts of a life, joined with this darker aspects in healing and then stripped of the limiting factors of these lesser and baser parts. It is an unraveling of all aspects, gradually over time, or suddenly in a fell swoop. It is experienced within a purificatory dance, as if one would learn to be less clumsy, awkward and unskilled, and to become more sure-footed, certain and practiced.

Yet, dance we must, as we are human and a part of life. In other words, we can participate in a progression to a more unified life: as a better, more improved, individual experience. If,,,,, it is experienced, and eventually accepted in other realms of existence; body, affect, thought, and intuitive awareness; then it would be as if fulfilled, to some measure.

The attainment of the philosopher’s stone, might be the merging in/with the One; albeit, after witnessing this as a possibility. In perceiving as true and truer, this newer understanding, beyond what has been believed previously; one may return to the daily life of human existence, as a changed and augmented individual (P. Hadot, translated by M. Chase).

In this way, a more attainable association with the siren of immortality, is possible. An association with that which lasts forever; and does not perish in any possible notion of time, conceivable or inconceivable.

Though arrived at through endless cycles, this is a place itself, and a no-place; a light, and a no-light; a sound, and a no-sound; a time, and a no-time. It is, that which is, a being state, that is a no-state:

It is All States,
It is Itself

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© 2018
by Frederick James Skinner