Thoughts on Art and it’s Pull

It is the energy sensed or the pull of fascination and curiosity that art elicits, depends upon and actually responds to. It could be the same for a business person that has passion for the pursuit. It is motivation to explore,,,,,this I feel; and feel in my own art, and in art that has soul pull. It is a simple thing,,, fascination to be involved in the “”energy”” that one senses inside of oneself, when in the presence of what inspires.
Nothing more, or less,,,,, passion for the presence.

Consciousness As a Perspective
Part One: Perspective

Take these Three States of Perspective as a relative “Truth”.

There is the: Conscious State.
There is the: Dream State.
There is the: Unconscious State.

We are in the: awake state, at some degree.
We are in the: dream state, at some level.
We are in the: deep sleep state, perhaps to rest.

The transition from out of, and into, each of these levels:
Exhibits to us,,,, or reveals, perhaps:
A Change in State.

But! Do we “Remember” this?
If we do-not;
We just meander through life.

If we do ~ yes;
We may build, as much, or as little:

That is Consciousness as it builds:
High, Low or Somewhere in Between.

It is,,,,,is-not simple, as:
There are states.
There are stages.
And distinctions between.

Perspective is experienced,
From what, and to what:
As Seen, Heard, and Felt.

This gives each time, an increasing sense of:
Higher Awareness.

Consciousness Can then Build.
Or,,,,,,,It Does Not.
If You Can!

Part Two: Hence Where To From Perspective?

Some might question and then on-drone.
Is this all a “reaction”?
And if so might then ask:
Is there some Catalyst as of yet,,,, Unknown?

Herein lays a very True Riddle.
Yes, of the longest Ages Untamed!

So must we Go Back to Aristotle?
For four Causes He has Named?
But,, no Help there, as the Dilemma Remains.

Sad as that may be?
We search more places.
And in more words to agree.

Yet! There is an Answer from Some:
And for some hopeful few,
The Fourth Realm can Become!

But for many a question remains.
Is this all Physical, or:
More a Force that’s Unseen?
Is it a catalyst, or some Force In-Between?

Only you readers can determine
For yourselves to know.
If, There is a Door to All-Where.
Where you, may choose to Go.

Remember: This Keyed Entrance is Guarded.
We best realize,, and Be-Ware.
Not all can sense that It is really there.

So Grab Hold of the Guardian,
Ask,,,,, how to Prepare.

For to Prep is our Challenge.
And it Does Yield Results.
If we live smartly,
And to life—add no Insults.

Sensed Inside when All else is Traversed.
The Fourth Realm is Every Where ~
The Dilemma, or Riddle is now In-versed.

For an instant in time
With Beyond it is Merged.

No Time, No Space.
Then,,,,,,,Remember !
If this finds your ~ Place.

Through the Doorway,
To All—Where—Remembered,
All Parts~With Fourth Realm Are Assembled!

Valley of Darkness

The path can wind and curve onward
As one traverses,
Or it can be straight as an arrow.
With darkness abundant.

And, It can flatten out
As one emerges
From the valley.

Over the rise
The light will begin to dawn.

Get Rid of the UN

Un Held ~ Un Loved
Un Loved ~ Un Held

Held ~ un Loved
Un Loved ~ Held

And on and on!

When? Further.
And, yes,,,, ,,If?

Then, it may be,
A-glimpse beyond becoming!


Herein, Work is being done.

This Affective,, aka ,, Astral work
Is removing the Un from the dam:
To allow the flow; clears the river.

The Bear’s Ears Decree:

Donald Trump’s Administrative Diminishment of Location.
December 2017.

The Bear’s Ears, in Nevada, is a vast location, a wilderness environment lived in and revered as a sacred place for reflection, reception and transmission of power, within Native American culture and history.

While in truth, in the larger philosophical sense, all locations are sacred, there are special places and locations that have been given, been declared, been protected and sustained, the world over. These, I call Locations, with the emphasis on the upper case L. These have acquired special significance to Native Americans, Christians, Moslems, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, and all other cultures and peoples, throughout history and prehistory.

This sense of power, experienced in Locations by some, is universal. It has a sense, tone, and feel of knowing, of being,,,,intensified. This knowing, or sense of being can be known in Location. Yet, this specialness in nature and dimensionality, is without boundary, though sensed often in particular, specific geographical locations.

It is best sensed, with and within a more interior appreciation and apprehension; within the faculty of introspective sensation. This may be described, though not defined: as a sitting in/for insight, or in/for awareness; in a pursuit or paradoxically, in a waiting, for a sensing of the essential of a particularity; accomplished anywhere, also, for some.

Mystical, or Insightful; Transcendent or Value Laden, our senses can expand and grow within this experience and it can become a way of daily life for any who choose to practice this skill building, as a way and meaning of Life. After all, in the end, it is an innate human and natural faculty of life, accessible to all.

Importantly, these special geographical Locations are places which facilitate and inspire us to approach our personally limited world views, using our sense of the environment, and its innate forms. We might then be open to/for a new vision and apprehension of a more full sensation-aware life, that can await us individually.

For one who is in tune with the ancient notion of searching, approaching, with intense curiosity and patience; being in a Location, can assist us as a platform of learning and it will remain as a foundation for a life.

Antithetical to this is the action of Trump’s Decree. In its reduction of the scope and importance of the Bear’s Ears National Monument, by proclamation; it is an example of what Jungian Psychology characterizes as a “negative concretion” of an Archetype.

That is, the disempowering of a bigger truth, by reducing the belief to the exteriorized physical realm only.

We now see, unsurprisingly or predictably, that Trump places value on looking for oil, and minerals in this Bear’s Ears environment, and in lowering the cost to maintain the park, as the most legitimate way of looking at, and defining this sacred location. He is appealing to those who wish to exploit the area for mineral exploration. He appeases and encourages those who feel the land and location offer up mostly a wealth of
material, or an unnecessary expense, or restriction of some sort.

They think in a limited sense; that these buried oils, gold ores, and other minerals and material goods can be mined and extracted out of the land, as in a return to the politics of the past: that of “manifest destiny”, so to speak. Incorrectly and incompletely thinking, Trump thinks these materials can be acquired from this Location without higher cost to posterity, and our hopes for a world of wholeness.

Consider, this manifesto, declaration, or proclamation: now espoused by Donald Trump. It is a present day appeasement; like Neville Chamberlain’s approach to political agendas, in that fateful time prior to World War II.
As Great Britain faced the dangerous forces of nationalistic expansion in Europe, appeasement was eventually seen as the misguided and wrong direction for that free and courageous country to consider. If followed, appeasement would have lead to acquiescence, subordination, and forceful takeover, and defeat by the tyranny of Nationalistic interests of the times.

Negative Concretion of an archetype, through this appeasement argument, yields a smaller and more distorted world effect and viewpoint. As such it is a weakening of power. It is a use of power to gain utilitarian and survival resources at a basic level, without true appreciation of impact and consequence over a longer and wider sensing of historical time. To wit, it is an expedient.

An offering of hope and gain to a few, at the expense of the many.

This would lead, inexorably, to the subordination and eventual subjugation of an entire nation of individuals, to the fervor, and the furor, expressed by and for the few, who wish for their own power and control. Those who wish for this malevolent influence to spread; hope and scheme in this distorted emotionally and cognitively bent-mind set, so that they can rise above the law of the Location we call America.

This should—must not occur.

Washer In The Sky

Finding the dark-washer
In the dark-sky,
Is Amazing in Itself.

Once there,
Place the tip of attention
Softly to its center.

Reverse this Plug in the Dike.
Wash in this unexplainable Light!

In Favor of Koan-Ness

Description’s a let down
Though a quoin:
For the time.

Metaphor is a lever
Though a Koan-Ness Causing:
Insight to be had.

This Had-ing is the feeding
Through In-Sense:
In-It,,,,Fullness is Perceived.

The Riddle of S & M

A Symbol Describes.
A Metaphor Lifts All.

Not the S & M
You Imagined?

Maintenance: A Reflection On Action and Spirit

If you wish or want it to work
When you desire or need it:
You best Maintain it.

So it is with machines.

Yet,,, don’t neglect to apply this
principle to the parts of Your—Self:

Your Body,
Your Mind,
Your Emotions,
Your Relationships.

When the World Body needs Its Fix,
There is no way to count on faith in the hereafter.

That is for here, now; and it has Needs:
Many of these are, other than our own.

Nonetheless, at a personal level;
At least:
Practice and Maintain It.

Through your discipline; whatever that is,,, Maintain.

You may be ready, Then:
As ~ if Spirit has been Quenched.

An Eagle Waits in the Morn

Screech. Scrrreeech. And alone at the tree top.

Til a Gull passes.

Then the caws begin.

And Mister Loon calls plaintively.

The Crows are insistent and Leader lands behind and Caw Caw Caws.

Steadfast and patient, Eagle Highness gazes, intuits:

In the drizzle, one place is as good as another.


The true riddle of the sphinx~
Who are you?

Some have answered, as found:
I am the seed and You are the ground.

I am That!
Hear, See the True.
Beyond Me in the Height~

And so are You.
The path is simple.
Though maybe hard and long.

No Practice:
No Progress.
Spin till it Happens!

Lao Tse: Interpretation of His #12
After Reading my friend Andy’s.

The outer world, it imprints our mind,
A prison to escape; as it is, a bind.

Back to the senses! It entreats us all~
Where is the spirit to center the Call?

Retreat, retreat, as inside we must go.
For there is No-Place outside, but place and show.
Yet, No-Place is real.  ~  To it can be aligned.

It is there; and in that,
We ourselves are defined.


It’s Not the View.
Of What, you see.

It is the viewing.
From what~whence, You see.

Watching, Listening

Not the Known.

The Unknown.

Part of the Light and its Shower

Radiolaria Stomatopoda: part of the Light.
Polarities Maxima and Glowing Delight.

“Merely” at Maslow’s pyramidal floor level?
They can’t feel the yearning in our humans’ dishevel?

So, why don’t all:
Blink in empathy with each other?

Are we not all related:
Like sister and brother?

The secret has come through:
The Magnetic Poles.

North and South gateways.
For the so many roles.

Lay-lie in stray trays.

Cast away quickly!
When used and betrayed!

Yet beyond the Sun, and its photons galore,
We may find energy that is beyond minds’ roar!

The peace of these frequencies, allow us to merge.
Maybe to never, again to emerge.
To ego, to Me-Ness and separateness of “power”.
Is this, or that,
the grace of the

Reflections In the Glass Window: As seen by Robin

Ahh, The warmth in the barn
Can give Me great comfort.
Intuits Robin outside.
On seeing green leaves
Through the window, inside.

But surprise to Robin ~ beak hits the glass.
So quickly torqued by boundary so final.
Clunk! arghhh ~ Great pain to jolted neck!

Three times or more, Robin tries to enter.
Is this for Robin in Nature to understand?
Or for me to notice,
As I make Life’s stand?

Purée and Goulash as Biomess: The Many.

To Starness and refresh.
As parts of the Plenty.

When All seen~heard as one: Yes!
Amazement Abounds.

It reveals a fine Field, and its embedded Surround.
A Skeleton, a honeycomb:
Kabir’s Bees and their nectar.

Group swarm, and its cluster:
The fantastic Erector.

No need, now for Hermes Trismegistus!

If sensed in complexity:
The Cosmic Sequestros.


Words are like mere Postings, along the way.

No true vision of the path is encountered on a Post.

For Sure ~ for some, and for some ~ dismay.

WORDS and the REAL

As Has been said often in many ways,

“A Picture is worth a 1000 Words.”

Yet, a Real Glimpse of what is,

Has Intrinsic Value beyond measure.

The Path~Way

The Way is Simple.  Some Say.

Start with the Right.
Then Down a Bit.
And Towards the Center.
Then Up!

The ETA is Immaterial.  Some Say.